General terms and conditions

1. Applications

  • 1.1  These General Conditions apply to all offers, reservations and agreements regarding all accommodations and other facilities which are rented through Kunuku Aqua Resort or by other companies.
  • 1.2  In these General Conditions the term `tenant` is understood to pertain to a person who enters into an agreement with Kunuku Aqua Resort to rent/use an accommodation and the facilities on the resort. The term `user` is understood to pertain to the tenant, as well as to any other person or persons, listed by the tenant, who will make use of the accommodation rented by him and or of any other facilities at Kunuku Aqua Resort in any way.
  • 1.3  These Terms and Conditions apply regardless of your (previous) reference to any private conditions or other terms and conditions. Kunuku disclaims Conditions to which you refer or which you use.
  • 1.4  Agreements that deviate from these General Conditions are valid only when set down in writing and signed by the management of Kunuku Aqua Resort.

2. Reservations

  • 2.1  Kunuku Aqua Resort will only handle reservations made by persons of 18 years and older. Reservations made by persons under 18 years old are deemed not valid.
  • 2.2  Kunuku Aqua Resort accepts reservations with a minimum amount of nights of 3.
  • 2.3  Once Kunuku Aqua Resort has accepted your reservation, you should receive a written confirmation/Pro forma Invoice within 7 days after making the reservation. This confirmation should be checked, in order to check if all the given details are correct. Kunuku Aqua resort should be notified immediately of any inadequacies or inconsistencies.
  • 2.4  If you have not received a written confirmation within the period of 7 days, please contact the reservations department. If this procedure is not followed, no claim can be laid on the basis of the mere fact of reservation and no reclamations are possible.
  • 2.5  An agreement is made between you and Kunuku Aqua Resort, in which Kunuku Aqua Resort allows you to rent accommodations, which are owned by third parties (owners) and which Kunuku Aqua Resort rents for the account of and to the benefit of the owners. Kunuku Aqua Resort has acquired the right to do so by an irrevocable agreement with the owners and is authorized, on behalf of the owners, to enter into an agreement with tenants to rent the accommodations.
  • 2.6  The agreement between you and Kunuku Aqua Resort is final from the moment that you have received the abovementioned written confirmation/Pro forma invoice of your reservation
  • 2.7  The agreement concerns the rental of accommodations and the use of general facilities for recreational use only, which is by its very nature restricted to a limited period.

3. Modifications in the agreement

  • 3.1 When, after the production of the agreement, you want to make changes in your reservation, Kunuku Aqua Resort is not obligated to accept these as such. It is Kunuku Aqua Resort who will decide if and to what extent we will make these changes. If Kunuku Aqua Resort accepts the changes made to the previously made reservation, there might be a fee involved.

4. Substitution

  • 4.1It is not allowed for the entrepreneur, the tenant and/or the other users to allow any other persons than the ones listed in the agreement to make use of the accommodation, for whatever reason or under whatever circumstances, without written consent by Kunuku Aqua Resort.
  • 4.2 Should you and Kunuku Aqua Resort have agreed that you or any of the other users will be substituted by another person, you and the previously listed user(s), as well as the tenant and or user(s) that are replacing you, are and will remain each personally and fully, jointly and severally, responsible and liable for payment of any outstanding rent for the accommodation, administration fees and any other costs which may be deemed to be the result of the substitution.

5. Prices and fees

  • 5.1  You owe Kunuku the agreed rent as stated in the confirmation and invoice of the reservation. Should Kunuku Aqua Resort after the agreement has become final, be faced with a considerable, unquestionable and unforeseeable increase in costs, such as staff salaries, utilities, tax etc, Kunuku Aqua Resort has the right to apply such an increase to its current and future prices and also to charge you with the resulting extra costs above the price that was originally quoted in the agreement.
  • Should this indexation take place within a period of three months from the date of the agreement, the increase may not amount to more than 5% of the original invoice. In the event of the increase, you have the right to cancel your reservation.
  • 5.2  No appeal can be made upon discounts or special offers which are introduced after the agreement has become final.

6. Additional costs

  • 6.1 Tenant will, besides the rental fee, be obliged to pay additional costs, such as taxes, Vat., administration fees, insurance etc. as presented by Kunuku Aqua Resort.

7. Payments

  • 7.1  On the rent, plus charges, a deposit of 30%, with a minimum of € 250.00is to be paid. The payment of these amounts must be made within 14 days after the date of confirmation / invoice of the reservation of Kunuku.
  • 7.2  The remainder must be received by Kunuku Aqua Resort at the latest 8 weeks before the date of your arrival at the resort, as listed in the agreement.
  • 7.3  When the reservation date is less than 8 weeks prior to the date of arrival, payment must be made in full immediately upon reservation. When such a reservation is made by telephone, payment must be made in full within 14 days upon receipt of the written confirmation/pro forma invoice.
  • 7.4  Should payments for which you have received an invoice, not be settled in accordance with the above, you will be held accountable, immediately upon expiration of the agreed final date, without further notification. Kunuku Aqua Resort may grant you an additional opportunity to settle the payment within a period of 7 days. Should full payment not have been received at the end of this period, this will constitute sufficient legal grounds on the part of Kunuku Aqua Resort to cancel the agreement and Kunuku Aqua Resort retains the right to do so. You will be liable for any damages that may result from your negligence, including but not limited to any costs that Kunuku Aqua Resort has occurred as a result of the reservation and its subsequent cancellation. Kunuku Aqua Resort retains the right to charge you with cancellation costs, in accordance with art. 13.
  • 7.5  Kunuku Aqua Resort retains the right to settle any claim it may have on you, by deducting the necessary amount from previous payments made by you, whatever their purpose.
  • 7.6  Payments by credit card are possible. The bank costs of 4% will be charged.

8. Arrival and departure

  • 8.1  The rented accommodation, as mentioned in your confirmation letter, will be at your disposal on the agreed day of arrival from 15.00 hrs. onwards. On the agreed date of departure, we kindly request you to leave the accommodation no later than 11.00 hrs.
  • 8.2  In the event you wish to prolong your stay at our resort, please inform us at your earliest convenience. Kunuku Aqua Resort will inform you forthwith of the possibilities and its decision. If possible, Kunuku Aqua Resort will take the necessary steps for continuation of your stay. However, Kunuku Aqua Resort retains the right to designate an alternative accommodation.
  • 8.3  In case you choose to end your stay or the use of any other facility before the agreed date of departure, no reimbursements will be made.

9. Regulations

  • 9.1 All guests are obligated to obey and respect terms and conditions established by Kunuku Aqua Resort like these regulations, the park and swimming pool regulations. These terms and conditions are available at the front desk and the information you can be found in the apartment.
  • 9.2  Accordance with the local regulations, when asked, every person that checks in, is obligated to identify him/herself. When the individual cannot identify him/herself, Kunuku Aqua Resort can and will not proceed the check in.
  • 9.3  Each accommodation may be occupied by a maximum number of 6 persons.
  • 9.4  Inside the apartments it is not allowed to smoke. On the porch however, there is the possibility to smoke.
  • 9.5  On Kunuku Aqua resort barbequing is permitted only on gas or electricity. BBQ on other substances is prohibited.
  • 9.6  Kunuku Aqua Resort retains the right to make modifications with regard to the use of as well as the opening hours of all facilities within the resort. Tenant will not object to any activities deemed necessary for the maintenance of the resort, the accommodation and/or the facilities during his stay and will refrain from making any claims for compensation or reimbursement because of these activities.
  • 9.7  At departure, the tenants have to leave the property swept clean (so: no dirty dishes, remove and fold linens, clean the kitchen and refrigerator and throw the garbage bag in the container). If one of the above is not done, the costs will be charged.
  • 9.8  The linen for the beds and bathroom are included in the rental price. Bed linen will be changed once a week and bath linen twice a week.
  • 9.9  It is not allowed to hang laundry and towels and so on, over the balustrade. There is a drying rack provided in the apartment which you can use. Also it is not allowed to hang a laundry-line.
  • 9.10  Misbehaviour and violation of the Kunuku Aqua Resort rules, Park rules and swimming pool rules will not be tolerated. Kunuku Aqua Resort is allowed to remove each and every person violating these rules without any obligation of reimbursement.

10. Pet animals

  • 10.1 Pet Animals are not allowed on the park or within the accommodation.

11. Damages, Loss of property

  • 11.1 The tenant, as named in the confirmation, is the main party held personally responsible and liable for an orderly conduct by himself, the users or any other invitees in or around the accommodation, the facilities and within the boundaries of the resort. This main responsibility and liability does not affect or diminish the individual responsibility and liability, jointly and severally, of the users and/or invitees.
  • 11.2 The tenant, as named in the confirmation, is also held personally responsible and accountable for any damages or loss of property caused by himself, the users or any other invitees, with regard to the accommodation, its inventory or any other properties of the resort. Again such main responsibility and liability does not affect or diminish the individual responsibility and liability jointly and severally of the users and/or invitees themselves. Kunuku Aqua Resort must be notified in case of any damages and/or loss of property without delay. Ensuing costs must be settled forthwith by the parties held responsible; unless these can prove without a doubt that the damages/loss of property cannot be attributed to them in any way.

12. Deposits

  • 12.1 Kunuku Aqua Resort requires a deposit at check-in, which is € 250,- per accommodation. When, for whatever reason, the deposit cannot be paid immediately, Kunuku Aqua Resort retains the right to refuse to accommodate the tenant, until the deposit has been settled.
  • 12.2 Should the tenant fail or refuse to pay the deposit, this constitutes sufficient legal grounds for Kunuku Aqua Resort to declare the agreement null and void immediately, without further notification.
  • 12.3  The paid deposit will be refunded at check-out, if the accommodation is left in accordance with the regulations of art. 9. If Kunuku Aqua Resort holds any claims on the tenant and/or the other users, the appropriate amount will be deducted from the deposit prior to restitution. The act of restitution does not exclude the possibility of further claims for compensation in case of damages that can be attributed to tenant.
  • 12.4  Kunuku is entitled claim damages or loss of over € 250 without theintervention of a judge.

13. Cancellation fee

  • 13.1 In the event that the reservation is cancelled, a cancellation fee will be charged. When the cancellation takes place in a period up to 28 days before the date of arrival, the cancellation fee will amount to 30 % of the total costs. When the cancellation takes place within 28 days before the date of arrival, the cancellation fee will be equal to the total costs.
  • 13.2 If the tenant does not arrive within 24 hours from the agreed date of arrival, without notifying Kunuku Aqua Resort, the reservation will be regarded as cancelled.

14. Force Majeure

  • 14.1 In the event that Kunuku Aqua Resort would be (temporarily) unable to uphold the terms of the agreement on grounds of force majeure, you will be notified within a period of 14 days, counting from the date that this occurrence has become known to Kunuku Aqua Resort. At the same time you will receive a proposal from Kunuku Aqua Resort for an alternative to the original agreement. (Like alternative accommodation/alternative arrival-departure date.)
  • 14.2 Force Majeure consists of any circumstances outside the scope of influence of Kunuku Aqua Resort, that (temporarily) prevents Kunuku Aqua Resort from upholding the terms of the agreement, including but not limited to such circumstances as threat of war, strikes, blockades, fire, floods and other disturbances.
  • 14.3 You retain the right to reject the alternative proposal, within 14 days of receipt of the proposal. In that case Kunuku Aqua Resort retains the right to cancel the agreement immediately. You will be acquitted from any further payment and/or any payments already made will be immediately reimbursed. On the basis of force majeure Kunuku Aqua Resort rejects any responsibility and/or liability for damages ensuing from this cancellation and will accept no claims of any kind.

15. Cancellations

  • 15.1 Kunuku Aqua Resort is entitled to cancel your reservation immediately when the given details for the reservation, concerning you or any of the third parties sharing the apartment are incorrect or insufficient. In that case there will not be any restitution on your account.

16. Damage claim

  • 16.1 Kunuku Aqua Resort cannot be held responsible for the results of breaking and entering into the accommodation and/or other premises of the resort (including lockers and safety deposit boxes), theft or robbery, loss or damages inflicted upon persons or goods during your stay in the resort, unless criminal intent or gross misconduct can be proven on the part of Kunuku Aqua Resort or one of its employees.
  • 16.2 Kunuku Aqua Resort rejects any responsibility and/or liability for damages to intangible property or assets, as well as secondary damages, consequential damages or commercial damages. Furthermore, there is no redress on Kunuku Aqua Resort for damages that are/should have been covered by some form of insurance, such as but not limited to travel insurance or cancellation insurance.
  • 16.3 Kunuku Aqua Resort cannot be held responsible and/or accountable for malfunctions of facilities or services provided by third parties.
  • 16.4 Liability for damages on the basis of criminal intent or gross misconduct is in any event limited: to a maximum of $ 75.000,- per guest per stay in the event of personal damages and to a maximum of $ 1.500,- per guest per stay in the event of material damages.
  • 16.5 Tenant and user are each held personally, jointly and severally responsible and/or liable in full for any damages or loss of property to the accommodation or any other property of Kunuku Aqua Resort, during the use thereof by tenant, user or other invitees, whether said damages have been caused by an act, a failure to act or negligence, on the part of tenant, user or any other third party you have invited on to the resort, who are staying on the resort with your consent or to whom you have given access.
  • 16.6 You will have not hold Kunuku Aqua Resort Liable for any claims with regard to any damages to third parties, caused (in part) by any act, failure to act or negligence of tenant, user or any other third party you have invited on to the resort, who are staying on the resort with your consent or to whom you have given access.
  • 16.7 In the event of incorrect use of the accommodation, its inventory or any other property of Kunuku Aqua Resort, resulting in costs to return same to their original state, these costs will be charged to tenant and must be settled immediately. This includes but is not limited to abandoning the accommodation in a state of untidiness or pollution (i.e. not in accordance with art. 9).

17. Complaints

  • 17.1Despite the care and effort extended by Kunuku Aqua Resort, you may feel you have grounds for a complaint regarding your accommodation or your stay at the resort. We kindly request you to communicate such a complaint to the management immediately in person. If necessary, a written report of your complaint will be made and you are assured of our utmost care in trying to find a satisfactory solution. If the complaint should not be handled to your satisfaction, you have the opportunity to lodge a written complaint, within one month from your date of departure, with: Kunuku Aqua Resort, attn. of Management department. Your complaint will again be handled with great care.

18. Applicable law

  • 18.1 Any agreement or contract between you and Kunuku Aqua Resort is exclusively governed by the law of the Curacao.

19. Travel documents

  • 19.1 You are personally responsible for obtaining the relevant documents with regard to your journey and stay. Kunuku Aqua Resort rejects any responsibility and/or liability for damages or costs ensuing from the absence of the necessary documents.

20. In general

  • 20.1 No claim can be laid on Kunuku Aqua Resort on the grounds of apparent and obvious omissions in print and these are not binding. These General Conditions substitute all and any previous publications.